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Robinsong Productions creates the authorized broadcast spots for many of the leading recording artists.  Artists not listed in our site are available by special request, in addition to custom spots and original productions to meet your specific needs.  How may we serve you today?

I'm promoting a concert and I need radio spots.  How do I go about it?
You've come to right place!  For three decades Robinsong Productions has been serving artists, promoters, churches and advertisers, who keep coming back because of our friendly, personalized service.   Ordering your radio and TV spots is as simple as filling out our order form and faxing it or emailing it to us.  If it's an artist we've done, typically within two days you'll be emailed an MP3 of your radio spot and a WMV of your TV spot to make sure everything is correct.  Upon approval, we'll finish your radio package and email the rest of your spots to you.  TV and church videos are downloadable as MP4 or MOV files, or you can order DVDs.

What artists do you do?  Can I hear samples now?
Many of our current artists appear on our Watch & Listen page.  Click on any radio or TV spot for a sample.

The artist I'm promoting is not mentioned on your site.  Do you do custom productions?
Absolutely!  It's one of our specialties, and the best way to introduce you to our award-winning services.  Once we have the necessary materials (CDs or MP3s, music videos on DVD and/or high-quality photos) it generally takes 3-5 days to create a from-scratch campaign.  Production time is significantly less if you include a radio-ready script or the necessary bullet points.

What are 'bullet points'?
Bullet points are the generic talking points, as opposed to your localized info of date/venue, ticket outlets and promoter tag.  These are such things as the tour name (if any), phrases that describe the artist, their music, their achievements, tour sponsors who must be mentioned, etc.  For example: "Allie Martin's Tough Love Tour", "featuring songs from her new CD Gettin' Tough With Love", "Dove Award nominee", "A concert the entire family will enjoy", "Presented by World Outreach"  ...basically the key phrases that will serve as a framework for the music clips.

How do you choose the music clips for a new custom spot?
Ideally, you suggest the songs that should be featured; preferably four to six songs for a :60 commercial and two to three songs for a :30 TV spot (if matching video is available).  Naturally, you'll want to choose your artists' most popular songs for maximum familiarity and impact. We'll then pick the appropriate hooks and arrange them into a compelling medley. You can get as specific as you like, or leave that to us.
If your artist is newer or doesn't have radio hits, just send us their latest CD(s) and let us come up with a blend that flows well and showcases your artists' best moments.  We have decades of experience in crafting the most pleasing mix, musically and psychologically.

Do you only do Christian artists?
Serving Christian recording artists and promoters is our primary focus, though we have done commercials for everyone from Charlie Daniels to Wayne Newton.  As long as your artist/concert does not push the boundaries of family entertainment and good taste, we are happy to offer you the same quality and attention that we give to our many Christian friends.

I want to write a script for you to produce.  Any guidelines you can offer?
If your spot is to promote a concert, you want to let the artist's own music speak for itself as much as possible. You also want to promote the venue and date at least twice in a :60 radio spot.  When you get to the ticket info, try not to overwhelm listeners with numbers such as ticket prices, phone numbers, etc.  Too many numerals can get confusing and are easily missed.  Instead, play the hits, say when the concert is, and tell them the easiest way to get tickets. Listen to a few spots on our Watch & Listen page to get a feel for the optimum balance between song and script.

I'm thinking of TV but I've never done it before.  Can you ease my fears?
Once you've experienced the benefits of promoting your concert on TV, you'll wonder why you didn't always include television in your marketing push.  Your TV spots will be consistent with the radio spots we produce for you, making your campaign a consistent, cohesive unit. 
Your local station will help you work out a schedule to fit your budget.  Consider inviting them to be a co-sponsor, donating advertising time in exchange for mentioning them on your spots and at the concert.

I'm not promoting a concert.  I just need a radio spot for my business.  What should I do?
Send us your script.  We'll quote you a special price for just a voiceover or a complete production with background music, sound effects, whatever you need.  We also do IDs and liners for radio stations, both per page and on monthly retainer.  We voice :30 and :60 spots for their own advertisers as well, at special package rates.

How do I pay you?  Do you accept credit cards?
An invoice will arrive along with your radio or TV spots.  Please pay by check, or if you prefer online payment we do accept credit cards through PayPal.  Just ask for details.

By the way, what are these church videos mentioned on your site?
These are 90-second to 3-minute music video montages with your soft-sell local tag on the end, promoting the artist from your Radio & TV package, designed to run during the informational segment of worship services.  They're ideal for introducing a newer artist to church attendees, and have proven very effective as part of a complete promotional campaign.  Most contemporary churches are happy to help get the word out about a concert that will enrich their members' lives.

What if I need something other than radio, TV or church spots?
You'd be surprised what else we can do for you!  Do you need to spice up your band's website?  Dazzle your visitors on the spot with an Electronic Press Kit (EPK).  Is there a birthday, graduation, anniversary or other special occasion where you have a hundred photographs to show but want to present something more than just a slide show?  Pay tribute to your honoree with a Memory Montage complete with tasteful video effects and transitions and a musical or narrative soundtrack to your exact specifications.  Let us do the work for you; you relax and enjoy the results!